smart wiring Katahdin;

Hardwiring Your Smart Log Home

With the ever-expanding list of smart home devices, you can be sure that your home’s wi-fi bandwidth could be seriously bogged down. That’s why more homeowners are having their Katahdin Cedar Log Homes hardwired to free up bandwidth for the array of wi-fi powered devices in the home. This smart log home wiring provides connectivity… Read more »

Butt and Pass corner log profiles;

Keep a High Profile — Log Profiles and Corners

Folks considering building a log home often leave some decisions to the last minute, even when the choice can affect the appearance of their log home. Katahdin offers a variety of log profiles and corner options—the one you choose can affect your log home’s appearance and style in the long term. So, it’s a great… Read more »

Logapalooza Update — Join Us October 20!

We’re very excited to announce the next Logapalooza will be held next month, on Saturday, October 20 showcasing several stunning Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in the Deep Creek, Md., resort area. We’ll return to the great meeting spaces at  nearby Garrett College for the seminar portion of Logapalooza, with a cocktail event on Friday at… Read more »


Love water? Add a Pond!

Your backyard space can have an added dimension with the addition of a water feature. From a simple fountain to a more elaborate garden pond, water adds a relaxing component to outdoor entertaining. There are several ways to add a pond to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home yard terrace or porch, no matter where you’re… Read more »

GT smart thermostats Katahdin;

Green Tip: Energy Saving Smart Thermostats

Smart, programmable thermostats are an essential part of your energy saving heating and cooling profile. Most manufacturers estimate 10-15% savings on heat and as much as 20% on cooling. We wondered about the options for energy saving smart thermostats available on the market today. Here’s a rundown: Nest Thermostat E Nest provided groundbreaking technology with… Read more »

smart smoke detectors Katahdin;

Smart Smoke Detectors

If you’ve ever spent time listening for the low-battery chirp of an old school smoke detector, you’ll understand why these new smart smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are so cool. We also found some nifty workarounds for existing smoke alarms that can send smart phone push notifications without having to replace existing smoke alarms.… Read more »

Back to Basics: Dealers, Designs & Deposit

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your plans to build a Katahdin Cedar Log Home, the process of getting your custom log home under contract, in our calendar, and confirmed with a money deposit is next.  We spoke with Katahdin’s Tyson Weeks, Dealer and Sales Support Specialist, who works with new customers to get… Read more »

NH LEED Katahdin Log HOme;

Back to Basics: Log Home Energy Efficiency

One of the most important decisions for long-term comfort in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home will be the level of energy efficiency you opt to include in your plans. Log home energy efficiency is often more than simply meeting code requirements and has the potential to give you control over your living expenses for decades… Read more »

wants and needs log homes;

Back to Basics—Needs and Wants

After spending lots of time dreaming about your own custom Katahdin Cedar Log Home, it’s tempting to add features based on what’s trending on Pinterest or the latest glossy magazine article. But most folks have limited budgets and need to identify the basic elements needed as well as what optional features make sense. The determination… Read more »

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes tradeshow floor;

Back to School Means Fall Log Home Shows

Summer vacations are winding down and that means road trips for fall log home shows! You’ll want to save the date for these great fall log home shows, including a new destination for the Katahdin team in Great Falls, MI. Log home shows are a great way to become better informed about Katahdin’s dedication to… Read more »


Universal Design Friendly Bathrooms

Universal design is a great approach to designing a home that makes it easier to live in when mobility can be a factor. It includes commonplace options like single level living, wider doorways and halls, and other features to allow families to remain in their homes longer. Bathrooms can offer specific challenges, but when universal… Read more »


Designing the Perfect Garden Shed

A well-appointed garden shed can be a great way to organize your tools, store gardening supplies and set aside a workspace for potting, seedlings, and other garden activities. Here are some great ideas to consider when thinking about your new log home’s garden shed. Location— Siting your garden shed is an important factor. Create a… Read more »